Chagas Kissing Bug
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Experts stress, however, that the risk of Chagas infection remains low. Not every kissing bug carries the parasite. And even if you are bitten by an infected bug, odds are you still won’t be. To prevent the spread of kissing bugs and Chagas disease, the CDC suggests people remove trash, wood, and rock piles from around the home and seal any holes where bugs can enter their house, like gaps near air conditioning units, chimney flues, windows, and doors. The room where the Delaware girl was bitten had an air conditioning unit present. Kissing bugs have the potential to cause the deadly Chagas disease. Speak with a doctor if you think you've been bitten by a kissing bug or are experiencing symptoms of Chagas disease. The kissing bug bit a Delaware girl, causing recent panic. The bug bites victims then poops nearby, which spreads Chagas disease. Here's what you should know including symptoms and treatment. Kissing bugs can transmit a parasite that leads to a potentially serious illness called Chagas disease. Most cases of Chagas disease occur in Latin America. Although infection directly from exposure to the kissing bug is rare in the US, it is still important to take steps to prevent kissing bug bites.

Bloodsucking "kissing bugs," or triatomine bugs, spread a parasitic illness called Chagas disease. Researchers have described Chagas as a "silent killer," since many people don't necessarily show. 2. Spray Susceptible Areas That Might Have Kissing Bugs. Authorities in certain areas, such as the Pan American Health Organization, are now working to prevent cases of Chagas disease infection by using strong bug repellent sprays and insecticides to kill off populations of kissing bugs.

Colorado’s common kissing bug is capable of spreading Chagas disease but is not very good at it. That’s because the bug usually defecates after it is off the person. If you or your pets may have been bitten by a kissing bug, call your healthcare provider or veterinarian. Chagas – dubbed the “kissing bug” disease – is a parasitic infection. Triatomine bugs, which transmit the infection, bite especially around the mouth. Triatomine bugs, which transmit the. en Triatominae or Kissing Bugs pour la Californie en Parasitology University Würzburg: Life cycle stages of the wingless Cimicidae and the Reduviidae Cycle de vie des Reduviidae en Information sur les Triatominae en construction, par Fernando Otálora-Luna es Laboratoire de physiologie des insectes Argentine. Kissing Bugs found in Texas. The Kissing bug can be light brown to black and have antennae. Some species have red, yellow or tan markings on their backs or abdomen. They have 6 legs and are typically oval and elongated in shape. Adult Kissing Bugs can be.75″ to 1.25″ in length. Variety of Kissing Bugs and their Scientific names.

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